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Bio-Recovery Supplements

Bio-Recovery is the exclusive supplier to Health Recovery Center, which monitors the effectiveness of natural formulas in a clinical setting.
Products are carefully produced and chosen based on clinical observation and the expertise of selected manufacturers.

Health Recovery Center has offered a comprehensive orthomolecular program for mental health/addiction treatment since 1980. Its success and reputation cannot afford to be jeopardized by using substandard products.

Many combinations of quality amino acids, vitamins, and latest antioxidants have been developed and tested over many years at Health Recovery Center.
Sophisticated formulations of biochemical molecules help combat health problems, and promote good health and increase longevity.

Bio-Recovery Nutraceuticals Work Because:

  • Bio-Recovery strives to obtain supplements from selected
    manufacturers who are GMP certified and experts in specific nutraceuticals.
  • Highest quality insures activity, absorption, effectiveness and safety.
    You want the products to work. Poor quality product may actually be harmful.
  • Bio-Recovery uses all active ingredients, with just the minimum
    amount of fillers necessary for the encapsulation process. The milligram count listed is all active material.

Amino Acids: We secure our amino acids through Don Tyson, a leading expert on amino acid therapy and the use of nutraceuticals in the medical profession. Don only accepts top-quality raw materials and personally tests them to insure labels will meet or exceed their claim. Don knows:

  • Use only USP, pharmaceutical grade, or the highest quality active amino acids available for maximum safety and efficacy.
  • Use only L-Crystalline amino acids derived from biological fermentation, extraction, and recrystallization for increased purity. They are individual molecules, and they are the highest quality available to insure best absorption and effectiveness.
  • Avoid lesser quality aminos derived from soy, milk, beef or eggs, which are not as bioavailable and effective. They also may cause allergic reactions in food sensitive individuals

Minerals: The effectiveness of minerals cannot be judged by the milligram claim. The source of the minerals and the technology used to make a chemically biocompatible product determines if the mineral can deliver results. The minerals Bio-Recovery uses in its products like Bio-Vits, Bio-Cal/Mag, Zinc, Chromium, etc. are sourced and manufactured at Albion Labs. Albion holds more patents on chelated minerals than any other company in the world. Bio-Recovery also offers two special mineral items.
Bio-Lithium Orotate and Magnesium Orotate. Unique orotate mineral
formulations based on the cell transport theory of Dr Hans Nieper are best forms available today.

Vitamins: Bio-Recovery vitamins receive Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification, a standard of superior manufacturing applied to the production of nutritional supplements. Cheaper supplements are more likely to cause adverse reactions in allergy sensitive people, destroying their chances for successful recovery.

What are fillers and why are they not beneficial?

Fillers are inexpensive, inactive materials that are used in capsules and tablets. Although small amounts are necessary in the manufacturing process,many companies use excessive amounts in place of the listed active ingredients. Labels are often misleading and since fillers cost less money, people don¹t realize what they¹re getting*. Bio-Recovery instructs its manufacturers to fill capsules to the brim with active material and to keep fillers to a minimum. Don¹t pay for less effective products, wasting your money and getting no results!

In most cases tablets do not perform as well as capsules.

Capsules are better Than Tablets Because:

  • The tableting process uses heat and pressure. Many amino acids are heat sensitive and pressure destroys the integrity of amino acids, thus making them less effective.
  • Fillers and binders are used in tablets to hold the tablets together.
    Some of these ingredients may cause allergies in food sensitive individuals.
  • Capsules take only 20-30 minutes to release active ingredients,
    whereas tablets may take up 2-6 hours to dissolve, and in some cases may not dissolve at all.
  • Tablets require greater digestion work. Individuals with digestive and absorption problems often pass tablets through the intestinal tract whole without ever being absorbed.

Why soft gels are sometimes appropriate?

Some preparations are encapsulated in a soft gel with a beneficial liquid ingredient, such as rice brand oil and pumpkin seed oil. This provides a better transport system for the particular nutrient, and enables optimal absorption.

Bio-Ester C: The Ester C® we use is specially chosen from Zilo Inc. They hold the patent on Esterized C, which is better absorbed and less likely to upset your stomach.

Features of Bio-Ester C:

  • Bio-Ester C ascorbate is a non-acidic, Body-Ready® form of vitamin C.
  • Bio-Ester C ascorbate contains various forms of vitamin C found in the body
  • Bio-Ester C ascorbate provides a mineral component that is
    nutritionally essential
  • Bio-Ester C ascorbate is neutralized making it stomach friendly
  • Bio-Ester C ascorbate is fully reacted with an essential mineral
    making it non-acidic

Metabolites are the Difference!

  • Bio-Ester C metabolites are the key difference between Ester C©
    ascorbate and other vitamin C products.
  • Ester C© ascorbate is the only vitamin C product containing C
    metabolites to receive a US patent. (US Patent 4.822.816).
  • No other form of vitamin C contains metabolites such as threonate.

Patented Gold Metal Winner

Bio-Ester C is manufactured in a unique, water-based process that combines vitamin C with a vital mineral using no chemical solvents. This process creates a patented mixture of mineral ascorbate and C metabolites. (US Patent 4.822.816).

*So What's in a Formula?

From Depression Free, Naturally, Joan Mathews-Larson writes, ³The dosages have been tested and fine tuned over 18 years of observance at Health Recovery Center. In doing so, I have come to understand that there is a vast difference in quality, freshness, and absorb-ability among nutrients. All formulas are NOT created equal! "After my first book was published I heard from so many readers who had purchased products that absorbed poorly because they bought tablets rather than capsules. Some products weren't fresh, or weren't made from the best sources and so worked poorly. At that point I sat down and specifically formulated every bottle of nutrients in my formulas in this book for maximum effectiveness and lowest costs possible. I did so because your rapid recovery depends on you using the purest, most absorbable, nutrients available. You now can easily obtain the same high quality nutrients that we use at Health Recovery Center."

How We Ship: UPS

  • The cost of 2-Day shipping in the Continental US is Free for orders over $200.00 and $10.00 on those less than $200.00 or UPS Ground for $5.00.
  • 2-Day shipping to Alaska and Hawaii costs $10.00 on orders over $200.00 and $15.00 for orders less than $200.00.
  • The cost of overnight shipping in Continental US is $30.00, except for Saturday deliveries, which cost $50.00.

If you compare how much you get from Bio-Recovery nutrients versus the other brands, you'll see that Bio-Recovery is the better value. Don't let price be your only consideration, consider freshness, potency, and quality.

Better and less expensive than many lesser grade items found at health food stores. Bio-Recovery offers many unseen advantages.